Who We Are

We were founded by an immunologist in his garage. The year was 1998 and our first product was at home pregnancy test. Twenty-one years later, he continues to lead research and development, and our mission remains to use our proprietary platform, while partnering with collaborators, to develop tests to provide people with peace of mind.

We’ve bio-engineered proteins for blockbuster drugs, as well pioneered the technology in diagnostic test kits. Additionally, we make component parts for other companies, too. So, chances are good, if you see a lead or pesticide testing kit, it’s ours.

Well Water Test Kit - Tests for 10 common contaminants


In 2003, we came out with our first water test. We called it “The All-in-One.” As the EPA sets limits on what chemicals, and how much of each of them, should be in your water – we began to test for the presence of the most common substances on the list.

Sixteen years later, we’re the industry leader, having sold millions of water testing kits. And as you can see from the water emergencies appearing in the news almost every day, the need to test your water has never been greater.

To make our tests as accurate as they can be, we’re always innovating. Over time, we evolved the testing kit into two – one for city water, the other for well water. This summer, based on customer feedback, we’ll introduce darker lines so the results are easier to read.

These kits provide instant information and a sense of well-being for families. They’re also incredibly popular with middle school students who use them for science projects. To see how widespread their usage is, just ask a teen about their school’s drinking fountains.